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Modernize your Lubricant Storage and Handling Practices

Lubrication storage, handling, and dispensing is often overlooked, but it is critical to a successful maintenance program. Correct storage and handling can lead to real savings. The return on investment, often referred to as ROI, can be immediate with reduced equipment failures leading to increased production up-time. In fact, a few quick updates in your lube program can lead to improved work areas, safer conditions, cleaner lubricants, lower equipment maintenance cost, improved production, and more.

Another important aspect of a modern and work class lube room is insurance and inspections. Having a clean work area can impact fire and other inspections. In addition, many insurance companies are threatening to cancel policies because of dangerous conditions.

ForFluids Oil Safe Lubrication Work Center

The Fluid Defense Oil Safe Systems from ForFluids feature:

  • Tanks - Mix and match different tanks to meet your lubricant volume and identification requirements.
    • Color Coded - choice of 10 colors for accurate lubricant identification
    • 4 Standard Tank Sizes- available in 30, 65, 120 and 240 gallons
    • Heavy Duty Construction - 12 gauge aluminized steel for long life; TGIC polyester powder coated for additional durability
  • Fluid Cleanliness - Minimize lubricant contamination
    • In-Line Filtration - Ensures fluid cleanliness
    • Desiccant Breather - Dedicated breather for each tank helps remove airborne contaminants and moisture build up
    • Dispense - Clean oil from high quality auto shut-off taps
    • Filling - Suction tubes with secure cam lock / ISO-B connectors
    • Dedicated Pump and Filter - Each tank has its own pump and filter to prevent cross-contamination
    • 3 Way Filtration - Filter every time you move the fluid, fill, recirculate, and dispense
  • Compliance
    • EPA SPCC - System comes standard with integrated spill containment transport pallets
    • Fire Safety - All systems come standard with MSHA - CFR30 rated hosing and have the option to include auto-shut off tank isolation valves
    • UL Approval - Each system is UL approved
    • Electrical Protection - Lubrication Work Center comes with circuit breakers, surge protectors, motor overload protection, grounding kit, and emergency shut-down
  • Spill Control
    • Spill Pallets - Integrated spill pallets ensure compliance with EPA SPCC legislation
    • Drip Trays - Stainless steel removable drip trays collect accidental drips when dispensing into transfer containers
    • Auto Shut-off Dispensing Taps - High quality auto shut-off taps ensure minimal spills
  • Modular Heavy Duty Construction
    • Ships in Pre-Assembled Modules - System is virtually ready "out of the box" for fast and easy on-site installation and implementation
    • Integrated Pallets - System is forklift and hand truck compatible enabling easy transport into position
    • Quality Construction - Fully welded and powder coated steel frame is high quality and durable
  • Storage
    • Workplace Organization - Get organized with lubrication supplies all in one spot
    • Deep Shelves - For storage of containers, sorbents, grease guns, filters, equipment and more
    • Fully Assembled - Cabinets ship assembled and ready to use
  • General Features
    • Top Mounted Level Gauges - Easy and quick viewing of tank fill level
    • Grounding Kit - Retractable cable reel grounding and earth lugs to mitigate static electricity build up
    • Suitable - Great for storing machinery lubricating oils and glycol based coolants
    • Power - All systems come standard with 110v single phase TEFC motors and can be configured for other power specifications
    • Identification - Systems come standard with color coded tanks and generic labels for each tank, tap, suction hose, and port

Return on Investment

Studies of equipment frequently reveals that equipment is breaking down much earlier than projected - mainly because of lubrication issues. Proper storage and dispensing of oils can have a dramatic affect of your return on investments such as equipment like conveyors, production lines, generators, motors, pumps, and more.

So how much is it going to cost? A common question but it depends. Figure on spending anywhere from a few thousand if you only need basic items like Oil Safe color coded drums and lids to carry around and a safety cabinet to store them when not in use. Complete systems with bulk systems and a full room filled with lubrication goodies can cost anythere from thirty to fifty thousand. Large organizations with many lubricants and elaborate storage requirments may be in the hundred thousand range. That may sound like a lot but keep in mind that case studies have shown that the return on investment is recouped, often times in a very short period.

So if your maintenance budget is spiraling out of control and equipment is being repaired to often, a proper lube room can cut these costs and increase production.

Fixing Old Habits

Sometimes the hardest part of a new lubrication program is fixing old habits. Often, those habits may have been in place for years. Using milk jugs or laundry bottles as transfer skids leads to instant and costly contamination. In addition, common practices such as funnels can also lead to shortened performance of equipment.

SPCC Guidelines

The Oil Pollution Prevention regulation, under the authority of the Clean Water Act, sets forth requirements for prevention of, preparedness for, and response to oil discharges at specific non-transportation related facilities. To prevent oil from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines, and to contain discharges of oil, the regulation requires these facilites to develop and implement SPCC plans establish procedures, methods, and equipment requirements. There is a lot of different guidlines and regulations for the EPA’s SPCC rule and further information can be found online at:

SPCC Guidelines

Lube Room Guide

Guide to Setting up a Lube Room

The Lube Room Guide is designed to give you the direction toward a world class lube room. Whether you have 3 lubricants or 30 - these tools will help guide you on your way.

Safety Initiatives

Our best practice lubrication reliability solutions to 5S, LEAN, TPM improvement initiatives and also assist with addressing OSHA Right-To-Know and other workplace safety and enviromental compliance issues.

Time Saving

The bulk systems available from ForFluids come preassembled with minimal setup. You are busy enough - don't spend a couple of days assembling pieces and parts, be up and running in minutes.

New Oil Clean?

Lubricant manufacturers do not guarantee the ISO cleanliness levels of any standard products. That means the oil you think is clean may be far below the ISO cleanliness recommendations set by the manufacturers of your equipment. Protect your equipment with a ForFluids bulk system solution that is designed to filter and clean the oil going into the bulk system and when it is dispensing.